Can You Spot the Bad Job Candidate?

If you’re new to hiring, you may be concerned about interviewing people.  To be sure, it doesn’t come easily for everyone.  In fact, many “red flags” are overlooked throughout the interview process.

What are some of those common “flags”?  Below are a few of the biggies:

1.  Not returning phone calls.

If you contact someone to discuss a potential interview and they don’t call you back within 24-48 hours, that could be a huge sign of how they’ll operate in the work world.

2.  Showing up late for the interview.

If they can’t make it to the interview on time, it’s doubtful they’ll be conscientious enough to show up for work every day on time.

3.  Bringing others to the interview.

If your job candidate brings his/her child(ren), parent(s), friend(s), significant other or spouse to a job interview, it’s a done deal that he/she doesn’t “get it”.

4.  Answering a cell phone during an interview.

This should go without saying, but in today’s day and age, it’s becoming more and more of a problem.  (Texting during an interview goes hand-in-hand.)

5.  Avoiding answering your questions.

If you’re hearing a lot of jargon and “filler” from a candidate, you probably aren’t getting straight answers.  That’s a sign that he/she knows the real answers wouldn’t sound so attractive.

What are some of your “bad job candidate” stories?  We’d love to hear them!

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