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Reduce the Risk of New Hires: Credit Checks Can Help You Protect Your Company

Credit checks have become an increasingly popular tool for screening potential employees in recent years, providing businesses with a glimpse into the personal habits and responsibility levels of men and women before they join a company's rosters. Used for years by...

Dont Let Poor Credit Be the Sole Factor For Determining Employability

Checking a job applicant’s credit score is among the many ways employers are checking up on prospective employees to get a better idea of their personal history and how responsible they are. Unfortunately, in today’s tough economic recession there are plenty of job...

What Happens if an Applicant’s Credit Report is Bad?

You really like John. He’s been through three interviews, including an all-day one with the board members. Everyone finds him to be the perfect candidate for the VP of Finance position. But when you perform a comprehensive background check on him, you discover that his credit is terrible. In fact, he’s been having problems for many years.

Should You Hire Someone Who Filed for Bankruptcy?

As an employer, you know you should background screen your employees… but what happens when the background check comes back and there’s a bankruptcy on your potential worker’s report?

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