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School Bus Drivers Must Pass Background Checks

One of the biggest issues for many parents is how their children will be getting to and from school. And for plenty of families, the answer is simple and traditional: the yellow school bus. But what’s become perfectly clear is the fact that, in this day and age, bus drivers must be able to pass comprehensive background checks in order to assume their roles.

More Schools Implement Stringent Background Checks for Volunteers

Years ago, being a volunteer at your child’s school was a cut-and-dry proposition. You basically told the administration, teacher, PTO/PTA, district or school staff that you wanted to help out… and the doors were held open for you to come in. Today, it’s much different. In fact, background checks of all volunteers is becoming more and more mainstream.

Parents May Not Always Pass Background Screening Checks to Volunteer at Schools

With the start of schools around the country, there has been a subtle flurry of headlines related to parents who are unable to volunteer at their children’s schools. Though it might immediately sound like the moms and dads are being denied access to their kids, it’s more likely that they couldn’t pass a background screening process.

Back to School Question – Are the Crossing Guards for Your Kids Background Checked?

Go to any school zone and you’re bound to see a lot of things, such as backpacks, brown lunch bags and the ever-present crossing guard. But just because they’re there doesn’t mean they should be… especially if they haven’t been rigorously background checked.