Does Advertising That You Background Check Net You Better Employees?

If you’re a company that regularly background checks all applicants, congratulations!  You’re obviously taking the future of your business very seriously, and that’s to be lauded. 

What we at VerifyProtect would like to know is whether you think that your dedication to background checking potential hirees has helped you net better employees?

For instance:

1.  Do you feel that the quality of your employee base has increased since implementing background checks?

2.  Do you get fewer “so-so” resumes because you announce that you background check applicants in your job advertisements?

3.  Do your employees tend to stay with your company longer because they have a greater sense of security that you actually do care about them?

Please let us know in the comments section of this blog!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristina Taylor
In 1989, Kristina began her career as a customer service representative at the newly formed American Tenant Screen, Inc. Ten years later, she pioneered tenant background screening on the Internet. As a long-standing member of the National Multifamily Resident Information Council (formerly the National Association of Screening Agencies) Kristina gains insight into the trends of the tenant screening industry to better understand the current and future needs of their clients.

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