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Ensure Trustworthiness: Screen for Past Civil Cases and Judgments

When you’re looking to hire a new employee, you likely plan on conducting at least a criminal background screening to ensure that said applicant doesn’t have any major convictions on his or her record that may affect your hiring decision. However, what you may not realize is that civil convictions, while not criminal in nature, can also speak greatly to a job applicant’s judgment and values. For this reason, you may want to consider adding a thorough civil records search to your employment screening process.

Why Conduct a Civil Records Search?

Believe it or not, civil convictions can very well result in fines or even jail time. However, because these convictions aren’t criminal in nature, they won’t show up on a criminal background check. Still, isn’t a civil conviction or even a current civil investigation something you’d like to know about as an employer? A past civil judgment against a job applicant can say a lot about his or her character and may even affect your decision to hire him or her in the first place. Remember: the employees you hire are a direct reflection of your company and thus a reflection of you. By being aware of not only past criminal convictions but civil issues as well, you can enjoy greater peace of mind when on-boarding a new employee.

What’s Included with Our Civil Records Search?

Here at VerifyProtect.com, we’re proud to offer civil records searches as part of our employment screening services. Specifically, our civil records search includes a thorough and comprehensive screening of a job applicant’s civil records at the Federal county level, including:

  • County lower courts – typically small claims
  • County upper courts – larger civil court filings
  • County combined courts – a combined search of upper and lower filings
  • Federal single district – a search conducted at a single U.S. District Court within a federal judicial district

There are a number of discoveries that a civil background check may reveal about a job applicant. For example, a civil screening could reveal past bankruptcies, bank liens, and other civil cases brought forth against an applicant. On the other hand, civil screenings may also serve to make you aware of FAA certifications or other registrations an applicant may hold (which can be an important part of the verification process for certain types of jobs).

Not to mention, a civil background screening could even reveal past suits brought forth against an applicant by a previous employer, which is certainly something you’d want to be aware of before choosing to hire somebody.

Of course, civil screenings are just a small part of the pre-employment screening process. At VerifyProtect.com, we offer a range of other screening services, including social and credit screening, drug testing and physicals, criminal background checks, and much more. If you want to enjoy the highest degree of confidence when hiring your next employee, we’re here to help.

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