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Are you currently looking to hire new employees at your place of business? If so, and if any of these employees will be required to drive either a personal or company vehicle as part of their job duties, then of course you want to make sure the people you hire have a clean driving record.

By hiring dependable workers who have proven to be safe and responsible drivers in the past, you can lower your company’s liability risk. Not to mention, you may even be able to catch a break on your company’s liability insurance by hiring safe drivers.

Of course, not all traffic incidents are easily discoverable as a matter of public record. For example, did you know that even a DUI/DWI conviction may not be easily discovered on a typical background check? This is where it can really come in handy to run a driver history record for potential new hires at your business—particularly ones who will be behind the wheel as part of their job.

At VerifyProtect, we offer a variety of driver records screening so you can properly screen applicants before spending the time, money, and resources to onboard a new worker.

MVR: Standard Driver’s License Record Search

Our basic motor vehicle records search includes a detailed report on the candidate’s driving record within the state in which they’re licensed. This will include a report on their current license status, any moving violations still on-record, and accident history as well. This search is recommended for non-commercial drivers, as it will cover the applicant’s personal driving record. For example, this type of search would probably be ideal for restaurant delivery drivers and the like.

MVR: Commercial Driver’s License Record Search

For companies looking to hire commercial drivers, on the other hand, we recommend at the very least running a commercial driver’s license record search. This specific service will include a thorough report on the applicant’s commercial driving record within the state in which they are licensed. This will include details on their current licensure status, moving violations, and any accidents as well.

MVR: Federal Commercial Driver Safety Search

Many commercially licensed drivers have held jobs in multiple states, which is why conducting a Federal commercial driver safety search is highly recommended. This is our most comprehensive service that includes a nationwide commercial driver safety history. This report will detail three-year roadside inspections and up to five years of crash information not just for the state in which the driver is currently licensed, but for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Hiring drivers for your company is a major decision and not one that should be taken lightly. Make sure you’re properly screening your job candidates with your company’s future in mind.

If you’re interested in having a driving record screening done for any of your applicants, we encourage you to contact us at VerifyProtect today. We’d be happy to help you get the ball rolling so you can continue with your hiring/onboarding process.

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