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Stay Compliant and Secure with Accurate Government and Specialty Verifications

Depending on the specific industry in which your business operates, there’s a good chance that the employees you hire need to have specific accreditations, licenses, and other credentials. Unfortunately, without running some specific verifications checks, you’re making a pretty big assumption that your applicants are being honest about the credentials listed on their resumes. For added peace of mind, then, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional service such as VerifyProtect to conduct any necessary government and specialty verifications.

Healthcare Sanctions Lists

If you operate in the healthcare field, it’s likely that you need to on-board employees who have medical licenses and other relevant accreditations. Running a healthcare sanctions check will reveal any discrepancies between the licenses/credentials claimed by an applicant and their actual credentials. For instance, if an applicant’s nursing license has been revoked as a result of professional misconduct or any other violation, you’ll be made aware.

Occupational/Professional State License Verification

For industries that require employees to hold other professional or occupational licenses, having state license verification services conducted by VerifyProtect is also recommended. This way, you can ensure that an applicant currently holds valid licenses as claimed; this could include anything from a license to teach in a given state to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential.

Government Foreign Nationals List

Even if your company doesn’t have a need to check credentials, it’s never a bad idea to run a check to ensure that an applicant you’re considering for hire isn’t a member of the government’s Foreign Nationals List. This list includes groups and/or individuals who have been identified as threats to U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security by The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of The U.S. Department of the Treasury.

National Bankruptcy Search

For jobs that require credit checks and financial background screenings, running an applicant through a national bankruptcy search may also be advised. With bankruptcy search services offered by VerifyProtect, you can have applicants screened using a database of more than 9.5 million bankruptcy records going as far back as January of 1992.

Workers Compensation Lists

Some states also have a database available that provides information on worker’s compensation records that have been filed within the state. For employers that want to protect themselves from the possibility of frivolous worker’s compensation lawsuits, then, having this type of screening done can reveal details such as:

  • Case numbers
  • Injury types
  • Incident dates
  • Involved employers

Electronic I-9 Solutions

When it comes to effectively managing and streamlining your employment eligibility processes and meeting Federal and State regulatory compliance for your organization, VerifyProtect’s electronic I-9 solutions make this easier than ever, allowing you to scan and upload relevant employee documents securely and quickly.

Whether you’re in need of professional credential screening, medical sanctions checks, electronic I-9 solutions, or any other government and specialty service, VerifyProtect is here to help. Contact our team today to find out more about our services and how they can make your company’s hiring process easier than ever.

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