Fake Degrees Affect Employers Outside of U.S.

Think that the United States is the only country where job applicants fib about their educational credentials?  Not so.  In fact, a government official from Pakistan was recently removed from his seat because a panel found him guilty of deceiving the public about a master’s degree he claimed to have received.

Such deception shows that no one type of person or situation can predict when or how bogus degrees are going to be used.  Therefore, it’s important for all employers to conduct comprehensive background checks on potential hirees.  It doesn’t matter if the position is for a vice president of sales or a custodial staff member; it has to be done.

Kristina Taylor
In 1989, Kristina began her career as a customer service representative at the newly formed American Tenant Screen, Inc. Ten years later, she pioneered tenant background screening on the Internet. As a long-standing member of the National Multifamily Resident Information Council (formerly the National Association of Screening Agencies) Kristina gains insight into the trends of the tenant screening industry to better understand the current and future needs of their clients.

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