Flying the Friendly — and Safer — Skies

After last February’s tragic airplane crash near Buffalo, New York, the U.S. House of Representatives has been working to change the regulations used to hire and train pilots.  This past week, legislation called “The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act of 2009” was passed by a vote of 409 to 11.

Part of the bill focuses on comprehensive pre-employment screening of potential pilots, the goal being safer commercial flights for both airline customers and staff members.  In addition, a “Pilot Records Database” will be established that gives almost immediate access to airlines looking to hire existing pilots.

Though the bill has not yet become a law, it’s well on its way with substantial support from both political parties.


Kristina Taylor
In 1989, Kristina began her career as a customer service representative at the newly formed American Tenant Screen, Inc. Ten years later, she pioneered tenant background screening on the Internet. As a long-standing member of the National Multifamily Resident Information Council (formerly the National Association of Screening Agencies) Kristina gains insight into the trends of the tenant screening industry to better understand the current and future needs of their clients.

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