Legitimate Employers Don’t Ask for Background Screenings Upfront

No wonder so many job candidates don’t want to submit to background screenings; after all, there are plenty of scammers out there who try to get applicants to give them personal information before an interview has even taken place!

It’s important for all job seekers to realize that legitimate employers never ask for background screenings as part of the initial vetting process.  It wouldn’t make sense (or “cents”.)  Instead, legit companies wait until they have someone they’d like to hire, at which point they initiate a background check on that individual.

If you’re looking for new employment, never give out your information (e.g., social security number, bank account data, home address) until you and the prospective employer are in negotiations for your placement.  Otherwise, you’re probably taking a huge risk.

Kristina Taylor
In 1989, Kristina began her career as a customer service representative at the newly formed American Tenant Screen, Inc. Ten years later, she pioneered tenant background screening on the Internet. As a long-standing member of the National Multifamily Resident Information Council (formerly the National Association of Screening Agencies) Kristina gains insight into the trends of the tenant screening industry to better understand the current and future needs of their clients.

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